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Ella Zīriņa trio

The Ella Zirina Trio interweaves the sounds and textures of the guitar, bass and drums into a colourful work of art where the melodic and harmonic result takes inspiration from jazz tradition and focuses on exploring original composition.

It's an international band with David Macchione (double bass, Italy), Eloi Pascual (drums, Spain) and Ella Zirina (guitar/compositions, Latvia). They started their journey all as students at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. Each member brings their musical influences and personality characteristics to the music thus creating music where staying true to oneself is important.

The bandleader and guitarist Ella started her journey into jazz music by first hearing Jim Hall, Bill Evans, Wes Montgomery and Miles Davis. Inspired by the unique musical voices of these jazz musicians, she started composing. Ella composes by conveying her emotions and life experiences to music and sharing that with the listeners, therefore the music is best described as sincere, sensitive and melodic though there are plenty of rhythmical elements derived from guitarists such as Baden Powell, Jesse van Ruller and Reinier Baas. Her curiosity to explore textures and timbres of the guitar result into colourful harmonies and elaborate arrangements.

Ella recently graduated with the highest honours at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam and now is working with BIMHUIS in Amsterdam for "young starters" project, as well as with JazzFest Amsterdam for "young makers" project and has performed in other bands and along with well-known musicians in Dutch and German music scene like Pablo Held, Ben van Gelder, Tinke Postma, Mark Alban Lotz, Sun-Mi Hong etc.

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